by Amanda Homi

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This is a little song about female shoe envy. I own all of the shoes mentioned although I didn't pay for the Chanels and Blahniks, they were gifts. It is written as a Vallenato, meaning "born in the valley." A somewhat macho style of accordion music coming from the Caribbean region of Colombia. It originated with farmers musically transmitting news while selling their cattle from village to village, inherited from the West African Griot tradition. Vallenato has grown in popularity in Colombia and beyond, with many festivals and competitions going on today. It is not uncommon for 'shout outs' to be given in the middle of songs for local politicians and influential business people.


Wish I could be in your shoes
those comfortable running shoes
I’d run away without looking back
as if i had nothing to lose

Wish i could be in your shoes
those soft leather dancing shoes
Sweepin’ the girls, off their feet
so many for you to choose

You left me here barefoot and naked
no one’s throwing me a bone
My shoes don’t fit, nothing does the trick
Feel so sad and so alone

Shoes Zapatos
Your pair of...
I wanna wear your shoes

Wish I could be in your shoes
flying around the world
Slippin’ em off at security checkpoints
while you dream about your new girl

Got plenty of my own shoes
thigh high boots and Prada mules
Blahniks and Flugovs Chanels and Campers
won’t take away my blues

I know you think you fooled me
and you probably don’t care
Cause it’s a man’s world, and it’s so unfair
how I wish I had your pair


I’ll put on my flamenco shoes
got nails in the heels and toes
I can make so much noise it will shatter your heart
you’ll understand how i’m broken apart

I’ll slip on the ones that don’t squeak
and sneak away in the night
So I won’t be the one who wakes up
all alone in the morning light



released February 15, 2014
Written by Amanda Homi
Produced by Graham Hawthorne
with Amanda Homi: lead and backing vocal, Jon Albrink: Guitar vocals, Paul Frazier: bass, vocals, Gary Schreiner: accordion, Graham Hawthorne: drums, percussion, Joey Cardello: percussion
mixed by Frank Fagnano



all rights reserved


Amanda Homi New York, New York

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